Placebo effect – Derek Dean

A story about „love at first sight“, from a man’s point of view!

Placebo effect

Placebo effect

A story about „love at first sight“, from a man’s point of view! A story that immediately will draw you into it. Lively read by Craig Van Ness:

If you really love someone, you would do anything to protect them from harm, even if you are the actual threat. After experiencing a personal breakdown, Drew rebuilds his life by selling placebos to people who are even more screwed up than he is. These desperate people are willing to do anything to improve their situation, even if it means trampling on others. However, when Drew develops feelings for one of his clients, his desire to protect her outweighs his own survival instincts. As their respective stories and current circumstances intertwine, he is faced with a choice: fall in love or destroy her life.

Ultimately, this book is about showing that compassion and empathy still exist in the human heart.


Narrator: Craig Van Ness

Written by: Derek Dean

Production Company: Audio Quants

Trailer "Placebo effect"

by Derek Dean | Placebo effect

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