From Pakistan to Germany on foot – Niaz Qureshi

“Our life on earth is a journey, we are only passing through.”

Released on 25th March 2022!

Cover On Foot from Pakistan to Germany

Niaz Qureshi’s incredible biography

Transcending beliefs and borders, Niaz Qureshi’s From Pakistan to Germany on Foot recalls one man’s trek from East to West in the 1960s. This memoir explores a rapidly widening spectrum of human culture at a time of modern and traditional Schism.

Commandingly retold by Nick Ellsworth and scored by Farida Gasser, this audiobook brings Qureshi’s journey to life with all the vividness of a Sir David Attenborough documentary.

However, From Pakistan to Germany… also reminds of the present. Qureshi’s journey is still undertaken by many today under less appealing circumstances, and his writing offers you a chance to experience what a mighty expense of energy is needed to bridge such an expanse of space. 


Narrator: Nick Ellsworth

Written by: Peter Schütt, Niaz Qureshi 

Production Company: Audio Quants

Publisher: Audio Quants Maritim (German)

Producer: Christoph Lehmann 

Executive Producer: Yasin Sebastian Qureshi 

Music: Farida Gasser

Mastering: Heiko Klüh

Pre-Mastering/Editing: Antimo Kelly Puca

Trailer "On Foot From Pakistan to Germany"

by Niaz Qureshi | On Foot From Pakistan to Germany

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