From story script writer, production coordinator, graphic and video designer… our list is long and we are looking for you, who prefers to creatively work in more than one discipline from your home office.

Here is a quick description of jobs we offer. But, as you know, Audio Quants is pretty unconventional and so we are looking for unconventional people who may not want to be limited to one field.

That’s why our application form allows to apply for more than one task.

Script Writer, Editor
Join our writers’ room as author or editor. Help developing new worlds and stories as well as adapting existing titles for audio plays and audio books.

Producer / Production Coordinator Spoken Word
Once we’ve decided on something, it’s up to you to manage the entire production process from script development and preparation, to assembling the team, post-production and delivery. We expect you to be an experienced person with a background in audio post-production (film, dubbing or radio drama). You should really know what you are talking about and always be able to lead and assess all steps of the process. In plain language, this means that you yourself are familiar with all important products and possibilities of audio production. If someone tells you, “That doesn’t work!” – you should be able to judge whether that person is right or not.
Honestly, everyone will love you when things are going well. But everyone will hate you when there are problems. Can you handle that? Then you should apply!

Channel and Affiliates Manager (Distribution & Marketing)
You establish and manage channels and partnerships on distribution and advertising. The observation of our sales numbers is your daily business, which also includes to create reports and recommendations. Once we have decided to produce a new title, you will work closely with the producer and the marketing team to prepare all the steps necessary for a successful release.

Google Ads Manager
Do we need to explain this? Not really. But if you know how to deal with this incredible Google Analytics Backend, which must have been developed by aliens with eight eyes, 20 fingers and two brains – you are welcome on earth and to our team.

Talent Scout / License Procurement
You are our eyes and ears. Watch and reach out to new talents and potential partners. Find the next Dan Brown and win the audio rights for us. Of course you are well connected in the industry of audio and/or book publishing. Film distribution background would be great. But remember – we are a start-up company looking for hidden champs and opportunities! Please don’t tell us, that it would be a good thing to buy the Harry Potter audio rights. That wouldn’t be helpful.

Public Relations and Social Media Manager
You literally live on social media channels and at the same time have a good old relationship with the classic press? Then you are the perfect person to take care of our public relations. We are convinced that all communication should follow a strategy – being made for people, not for bots.

Graphic and Video Designer for Trailer and Social Media
You are a creative person who doesn’t want to be pigeonholed. You enjoy editing small videos, creating podcasts and designing graphics with Photoshop at the same time. Well, this is the place where you don’t have to decide if you’re a graphic designer, video editor or podcaster. Just be creative and master your tools.